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INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND is pleased to announce their recent signing with UK record label Rising Records. The band will be releasing a new full-length album later this spring with the label, entitled Heaven Sent, Hellbound. The release is being produced by world-famous record producer Fredrik Nordström (At the Gates, In Flames, Opeth), and the artwork is illustrated by famous artist Sam Shearon (Iron Maiden, Rob Zombie, Fear Factory).

Rising Records are delighted to be releasing [...]

Official video for God Loves Violence released

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After running into so many roadblocks with their first, ultra-violent version of God Loves Violence, the Indestructible Noise Command releases their more media-friendly version of the video. The great Fredrik Nordstrom (Soilwork, in Flames, Bring Me the Horizon) did the remix and Justin Johnson directed and edited the video.

The I.N.C. Story: the very long and winding road

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Indestructible Noise Command

In 1985, Connecticut’s Erik Barath and Dennis Gergely birthed I.N.C. out of the frustration and annoyance arisen by the cookie-cutter bands plastering videos on the sole cable station to bring music alive and deliver it to the masses, MTV. This hunger to create more than the norm was what harnessed Erik and Dennis’ energy to form Indestructible Noise Command. Intent on not wasting their precious time on such feeble pursuits, they drove the angst they felt [...]

New I.N.C. band photos posted

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Indestructible Noise Command 2010

Dennis sings If I Were President in the studio

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Here is Dennis last Wednesday doing vocal tracks in Queens, this is for the track If I Were President. We have one more song to go and we’re all done and onto mixing!

Erik Barath does his lead for God Loves Violence-video

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Ok, so we are about 4 weeks from finishing our newest INC release, it’s been a long wait, 22 years, but trust us, it’s worth it. Here is Erik doing his lead for the opening track, God Loves Violence. More to come soon!

I.N.C. releases first press release

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I.N.C. Bleeds Heavy Aggression, Adrenalin Into Today’s Metal Scene
New York, NY, May 14, 2010 –(– In a stroke of genius, thrasher band reemerges to regale fans with songs styled around German Cannibal Armin Meiwes sound bites in Bleed the Line.

I.N.C., a thrasher band of mythical proportions, emerged as a heavy metal front runner.

They covered Cars tunes, were there when Pantera got signed, hit #1 on the U.S. college metal charts, stole the U.K. #2 import slot out from underneath [...]

Erik Barath gets interviewed by AOL’s metal channel Noisecreep and talks about I.N.C.’s past and future

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Outside of a few exceptions, Connecticut has never really pumped out that many higher profile metal bands. But its proximity to musical hotbeds New York City and New Jersey has meant that The Constitution State has always had a flurry of bands coming through on tour. In the late ’80s, during the golden age of thrash, Connecticut looked like it might have had a group that would put the state on the metal community’s radar.

Indestructible Noise Command had a lot going [...]

Want to hear a sneak preview? Bleed the Line drums tracks(raw)

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Web music playerQuantcast
This is a drum recording session for the upcoming track, Bleed the [...]

Dennis Leeflang announced as sessions drummer for I.N.C.’s summer release

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Dennis Leeflang will be the the drummer heard on I.N.C. summer release, Bleed the Line. Dennis has had quite a career so let us just post some of what Wikipedia has written:

After mixed successes with local Dutch bands, Leeflang’s career officially took off in 1996, when he joined Dutch gothic rock legends Within Temptation at age 17 as their first official drummer. With Within Temptation, Leeflang recorded the legendary “Enter” demo tape at his rehearsal studio, which made [...]