I.N.C. releases first press release

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I.N.C. Bleeds Heavy Aggression, Adrenalin Into Today’s Metal Scene
New York, NY, May 14, 2010 –(– In a stroke of genius, thrasher band reemerges to regale fans with songs styled around German Cannibal Armin Meiwes sound bites in Bleed the Line.

I.N.C., a thrasher band of mythical proportions, emerged as a heavy metal front runner.

They covered Cars tunes, were there when Pantera got signed, hit #1 on the U.S. college metal charts, stole the U.K. #2 import slot out from underneath Aerosmith and released two records which won them solid reviews. There they were. And now? They’re back for more.

I.N.C. (a.k.a. Indestructible Noise Command) is poised to bleed heavy aggression and pump a mega dose of adrenalin into today’s metal landscape against a backdrop of sound bites and imagery inspired by interviews with German computer programmer and admitted cannibal Armin Meiwes.

“Our new material is far more brutal than our original stuff. Our lyrics are darker, are style is edgier and we’re more musically and vocally aggressive,” says Guitarist and Songwriter Erik Barath. “Dennis Leeflang is our new drummer; he’s played with Lita Ford. Sam Roon (of HUNG) is our new bassist. That means Dennis (Gergely) can go completely wild on vocals.

“The band will be different in all the right ways, but we’ve stayed true enough to our old school flavor to keep the ‘kids’ happy. We don’t imagine our original fans want or expect us to simply regurgitate what they heard on Razorback or The Visitor. That said, yeah, we’re open to reworking some of our old hits so that we can include them on our upcoming, third album.”

The tracks for that album (Bleed the Line) will be laid down throughout the summer to emerge as a six-song demo recording. The website is already up and running. A professional video is in the works to showcase “God Loves Violence” (the first Bleed single slated for release) and the band expects the buzz to heat up over the winter and deliver a contract by early 2011. Their goal is to hit the road and tour the new material like never before.

NoiseCreep Contributor Carlos Ramirez recently reminded readers that Gergely comes equipped with a “peculiar vocal style” and that the work of Barath and fellow Guitarist Tony Fabrizi is “no less adventurous.” For him, the band’s maverick sound struck a chord that has long endured.

“During the golden age of thrash,” he explains, “(I.N.C.) won the attention of the critics and fans in the New York tri-state area…. (Now its) eccentric brand of metal has been embraced by a new breed of record collectors, proving that their style was definitely ahead of its time.”

“Rain,” one of I.N.C.’s newest songs, uses machine-gun delivery and buzz saw riffs to deliver a hefty dose of hard-core thrash. Their upcoming title track, “Bleed the Line,” kick starts with a slice from an interview in which Meiwes waxes romantic about ingesting a victim: “Since then, he is always with me.”

As the music ensues, you can’t help but picture the perpetrator stalking, slaying and then slicing his victims – much like Barath and Fabrizi do wielding axes of their own. Frenetic drumming by Leeflang and eerie electric riffs merge at the song’s apex and suck listeners into the eye of a heavy metal storm before pelting them with a heavy hitting drum solo followed by waves of calm, start-stop punches of sound, luscious lulls and a eulogy played out on guitar.

In a stroke of genius, I.N.C.’s reemerged at the top of its game. Let the blood bath begin.


Indestructible Noise Command (2010):

Guitarist & Song Writer – Erik Barath
Guitarist – Tony Fabrizi
Vocalist – Dennis Gergely
Drummer – Dennis Leeflang
Bassist – Samuel J. Roon

To request an interview, order a promotional copy of Bleed the Line and find out where I.N.C. is scheduled to play, contact Erik Barath at (203) 944 – 9497 =or=

Contact: Eric Barath, Guitarist & Songwriter
Phone: (203) 944 – 9497
E-Mail: =or=


  • Pelos Moshator @ June 2nd, 2010 2:00 pm

    hey bro, i’m stoked about these news. do u have any sample of the new stuff that u can share with me? are u going to open a myspace page? tentative release date for the new record?

  • Joe Cesero @ July 5th, 2010 9:32 pm

    Congrats guys cant wait to hear the new stuff best of luck you all deserve it!!!!!!!!

  • Tony "The Metal God @ July 7th, 2010 3:41 pm

    Left a phone message for Eric at the number posted to get a promo copy of the new cd for radio airplay on WMUH Allentown,PA. Got a female voice on the answering machine-was that the wife or is that not the correct number? Anxiously awaiting a promo of the album to play on the best damn true metal show period-Wednesdays 8-11pm at

  • Rommel @ July 19th, 2010 5:54 pm

    INC finally back were they belong. Playing Metal.

    Midnight strikes and so does he!

  • MetalHammer @ July 20th, 2010 2:59 pm

    I.N.C. Bleeds Heavy Aggression.
    I love it.

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