Interview with Indestructible Noise Command guitarist Erik Barath by Pure Grain Audio

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Welcome back INC…welcome back. After a more than 20 year absence from the metal scene, Indestructible Noise Command is back with a powerful, relevant, heavy-as-hell thrash metal record that is sure to create a stir. Heaven Sent…Hell Bound is ripping affair that will have listeners snapping their necks in no time at all. I was a fan of the band back in the day and I’m so stoked to have new music from them after [...]

Well we finally made it onto MTV….sorta

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Watch the full length music video “God Loves Violence” from Indestructible Noise Command for free on

Metal In Ruins: Heaven Sent, Hellbound: Interview with Indestructible Noise Command

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Heavy thrasher’s Indestructible Noise Command (INC) has a new release coming, so in spirit of which, they have been interviewed by yours truly here at MIR. Read this up!…..

Need you to request our video

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All of you PLEASE either email or tweet Scuzz TV that you are requesting to see Indestructible Noise Command-God Loves Violence video.

you can tweet here!/scuzztv.

or email them here It is crucial you guys do this, even like once a day to email them or tweet. It will help us BIG TIME!


I.N.C. releases first press release

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I.N.C. Bleeds Heavy Aggression, Adrenalin Into Today’s Metal Scene
New York, NY, May 14, 2010 –(– In a stroke of genius, thrasher band reemerges to regale fans with songs styled around German Cannibal Armin Meiwes sound bites in Bleed the Line.

I.N.C., a thrasher band of mythical proportions, emerged as a heavy metal front runner.

They covered Cars tunes, were there when Pantera got signed, hit #1 on the U.S. college metal charts, stole the U.K. #2 import slot out from underneath [...]

Erik Barath gets interviewed by AOL’s metal channel Noisecreep and talks about I.N.C.’s past and future

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Outside of a few exceptions, Connecticut has never really pumped out that many higher profile metal bands. But its proximity to musical hotbeds New York City and New Jersey has meant that The Constitution State has always had a flurry of bands coming through on tour. In the late ’80s, during the golden age of thrash, Connecticut looked like it might have had a group that would put the state on the metal community’s radar.

Indestructible Noise Command had a lot going [...]