Check out our amazing, animated video for Fist of Fascista

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Brought to you by the crew at More Frames Animation, the same guys who did Lamb of God’s Ghost Walking.
Video is below the image!


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Pantera opened for them, they opened for Megadeth, Exodus, King Diamond, and now they’ve gotten the band back together after 20 years, I.N.C. (Indestructible Noise Command) talk about their return.

Well we finally made it onto MTV….sorta

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Watch the full length music video “God Loves Violence” from Indestructible Noise Command for free on

Official video for God Loves Violence released

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After running into so many roadblocks with their first, ultra-violent version of God Loves Violence, the Indestructible Noise Command releases their more media-friendly version of the video. The great Fredrik Nordstrom (Soilwork, in Flames, Bring Me the Horizon) did the remix and Justin Johnson directed and edited the video.

Dennis sings If I Were President in the studio

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Here is Dennis last Wednesday doing vocal tracks in Queens, this is for the track If I Were President. We have one more song to go and we’re all done and onto mixing!

Erik Barath does his lead for God Loves Violence-video

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Ok, so we are about 4 weeks from finishing our newest INC release, it’s been a long wait, 22 years, but trust us, it’s worth it. Here is Erik doing his lead for the opening track, God Loves Violence. More to come soon!