New I.N.C. band photos posted

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Indestructible Noise Command 2010

Hung bassist, Sam Roon joins The Indestructible Noise Command

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I.N.C. is proud to announce the addition of Sam Roon, bassist for the prog-death metal band, Hung. Sam is also the owner of the Heavy Metal Social Network SkullsNBones ( Dennis Gergely will be the front-man only for I.N.C. and Sam will take on all bass duties. This opens up a whole new world in terms of stage show for the band. Dennis proved his front-man credentials while singing for Connecticut hardcore band, Payback.

The Indestructible Noise Command officially launches its official website!

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We will be updating daily with new material, lyrics, photos, etc. Welcome and please tell 3 friends and one enemy:)